Need of Digital marketing for Freelance L&D Professionals

In a world where everything is getting digitalized, digital marketing has become more of a need rather than a want for anyone irrespective of a business or an individual. This blog post is a small attempt to understand the need or importance of Digital Marketing for freelance L&D Professionals.

New changes/ trends for L&D Professionals:

We all know that humanity has survived the biggest threat of a lifetime because of the global pandemic. The end of 2019 and the whole of 2020 saw a great deal of losses in business in turn leading to job-cuts which catapulted the lives of many people. But, on the other hand businesses found ways to adapt to these changes and L&D Professionals as a team have contributed to a large extent in this. The conventional thinking that “Training and Development” is a class room learning, away from the regular work is no more a reality because of the social distancing and work from home norms.

Face to face trainings are now done online, and virtual learning has become the new normal. This has paved the way for freelancing in the L&D profession in a larger way.

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Benefits of being a Freelance L&D Professional:

With the new generation of workforce (The millennials/ Gen Z) preferring mostly to be working remotely and to not be anchored to a particular role or organization, and the effect of global pandemic impacting the work culture, more and more people are opting to be freelancers and L&D Professionals are no exception. According to Intuit 2020 Report (Source:, in U.S.A alone 80% of large companies will increase their usage of non-traditional workers in the coming years. This being said there are various benefits of being a freelance professional namely:

  • Flexibility, Freedom and Fulfillment
  • Due to diversity of project availability, the opportunities increases and makes work challenging and interesting.
  • In turn there will be an increase in the spread of client base.

Challenges for Freelance L&D Professionals:

Like any other profession, along with the benefits of freelancing there are also some challenges which are posed:

  • Building a network from the scratch and asking your network for help.
  • A trainer has to become a marketer to sell him/herself and create a personal brand.
  • One has to develop a solid business plan that is practically and financially sustainable on a long run
  • Most importantly one should not panic when there is a dip in business flow after all it is just temporary.

Online Platform for Freelance L&D Professionals:

There are many platforms which offers a marketplace for companies or businesses to find their desired gig workforce. At the same time they also provide a platform for freelancers to showcase their skills to the potential employers. Freelancers can simply register on these websites and add their work as a sample. Some of the best freelance platforms are as mentioned below:

  • Upwork
  • Fiverr
  • Supersourcing

How to have an online presence for Freelance L&D Professionals:

Once an individual decides to be a freelancer in L&D, and creates his/ her training modules, it is now important to focus on marketing him/herself, especially online as it is economical and more importantly effective. Below are some of the ways to have an online presence:

  • Using LinkedIn profile is really a good method as it is very popular among business users.
  • Creating a blog or website and keep adding new content along with details regarding the training courses that are offered.
  • Hosting webinars is the current trend and helps in showcasing one’s talent, knowledge and presentation skills along with reaching to large audience who can be a potential clients.
  • Creating a Google Business Listing will boost one’s reachability and by adding user review on the listing will further increase the credibility.
  • Using social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Etc. will attract more users or potential clients.

With all the above steps, one can also opt for a holistic or integrated digital marketing services provider who can build a strong online presence and make it more effective.

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